Account Growth.

As a Pro trader, you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow your account balance when you receive a capital injection at set intervals. Our growth model ensures that you move from one stage to another to grow your investment to a point where you become a fund manager. 



$ 50K

Every trader in this stage starts with a $50k trading book. This is regardless of your background, track record, or trading experience. At Tim Capital, we give you an equal opportunity as the rest of the traders so that you can prove your worth as a profitable trader without any strings attached. Profit withdrawals of 5% blocks in this stage are independent of the 10% growth targets. 



$ 100K

Should you make a 10% investment return on your $50k trading book whereby you are able to grow your account to $55k, we guarantee to double your initial funding to either $100k or $105k net. All we ask is that the $5k you’ve grown, be maintained in the account and shouldn’t be withdrawn. Bear in mind that this amount is independent of any 5% profit withdrawals. As a trader, you, therefore, have to maintain the 10% for the growth target and we’ve already done you one better by removing the 0.5 order cap. 



$ 200k

If you can grow your account by accumulating a 10% return on your $100k trading book such that you have $115k net, we guarantee once more to double the value of your account to $200k or $215k net. The $15k you have grown will remain in your account and shouldn’t be withdrawn. 



$ 1 Million

Once you make it to stage 4 and have grown your account by making a 10% investment return on the $200K trading book so that your net is $235k, we will promote you to a fund manager after allocating you $1 Million. As a fund manager, you get to enjoy a ton of benefits but the best one is that you will no longer be expected to pay any subscription.